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Scientific Student Projects

Available positions:
Former projects:
• Evalutation of Inhibition of Secondary Carbonyl Reductase from Candida parapsilosis by different surfactants
• Cellulase activity at a high concentration of ionic liquids - characterisation of the endo-ß-glucanases from Sulfolobus sulfataricus
• Eco efficiency analysis for a biocatalytic reaction
• Methods for the investigation of cofactor concentration and decomposition under process conditions
• Reduction of an Imine with whole cells expressing Carbonyl Reductase from C. parapsilosis
• Comparison of two variants of Carbonyl Reductases from C. parapsilosis species
• Evaluation of PVA beads produced by a novel automated device
• Stabilty analysis of benzaldehyde lyase
• Semi-votational & evolutionary development of a carbonyl reductas from C. parapsilosis for asymetric synthesis in aqueous organic biphasic systems
Measuring and modeling of phase distribution processes
• Synthesis of Octanol
Investigation of the Offline and Online Stability of Immobilized LBADH and Cofactor NADP Used in the Enzymatic Gas Phase Reactions
• Construction and operation of an enzymatic gas phase reactor
• Stabilisation of hydroxynitrile lyases under technical conditions
• Cloning a new benzaldehyde
• Reactionengineering of Enzymatic Epoxidation
• Production of NADPH
• Immobilization of cellulases to improve protein stability in ionic liquids
• Synthesis of chiral alcohols
• Expression, cleaning and characterisation of LOV-HNL fusion proteins
• Material characterization of ionic liquids for the dissolution of cellulose at different water contents and water activities
Current projects:
Characterisation of Carbonyl Reductase Variants from Candida Parapsilosis with altered substrate specifity

• Validation of a new GPC method for the analysis of cellulosis