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• scholarships for PhD and postdoctocal studies
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Vacant positions in BioNoCo

Scholarships for PhD and Postdoctoral studies

The graduate school "Biocatalysis in non-conventional media (BioNoCo)" is seeking applications for scholarships to carry out PhD and postdoctoral studies. The graduate school, which is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), is located at RWTH Aachen University with Forschungszentrum Jülich and Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf as associated partners.
The graduate school offers education and research in a stimulating environment within the highly competitive area of White Biotechnology. Joint supervision in at least two different teams, interdisciplinary research and close collaboration within the international community promote high level qualification and open interesting career opportunities.
The successful applicants are expected to hold a high level Masters or Diploma degree in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, (bio–)chemical engineering or a neighbouring area. Employment equity is one of our aims. Open positions are now available


BioNoCo-Stipendium: Vereinheitlichung und gezielte Beeinflussung der Expressionsleistung mikrobieller Systeme

Instructions for application  

Applications for scholarships should address one of the announced projects via the corresponding email adress given above. All documents should be in English. Obligatory for application are:
• Covering letter explaining in detail your interest in the chosen project and the outcome expected from participation in the graduate school.
• Curriculum vitae, including a photograph and specially answering the questions:
     • Where and when did you perform a scientific presentation, e.g. a poster or talk?
     • Are you author of a scientific publication? Describe your part in writing and add a copy of the publication(s).
     • Did you ever participate in organising an event, e.g. a workshop, seminar, excursion or web presence?
     • Do you/ did you fulfil an official position at work, during studies or in your free time? Explain your duties and responsibilities.
     • Do you have international experiences apart from holiday trips?
• School and university reports revealing marks for particular courses. For reports from foreign universities, an official, national ranking of the attended universities will be most welcome. Candidates with a degree from a German university, please note that in general only an average result of "very good" will be acceptable.
• Short abstract (one page at maximum) of your diploma or master thesis.

A complete set of the required documents should be sent to the following email address: bionoco.admin at