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Project description
M.Sc. Christoph Loderer
Description and evaluation of thermodynamic, kinetic and molecular effects influencing the regio-, and stereoselectivity in the synthesis of cyclic and aliphatic chiral hydroxy ketones using dehydrogenases and the subsequent development of rational approaches for the reduction of selectivity constrains by molecular and reaction engeneering
phone: +49 351 46 339 516
home: Technische Universität Dresden

Rüdiger Ohs
Identifikation der Reaktionskinetiken und -mechanismen ThDP-abhängiger Enzyme
phone: +49 (0)241 80 2 81 05
home: AVT

Stefanie Kluge
Herstellung von Cellooligomeren und deren Derivaten
phone: +49 (0)241 80 2 31 71
home: AVT

Gaurao Vishwanathji Dhoke
Computational analysis of non-conventional media on the selectivity of biocatalysts
phone: +49 (0)241 80 26628
home: BioTec

Jochen Wachtmeister
Evaluation and optimization of modular synthetic enzyme cascades via reaction engineering and solvent engineering
phone: +49 (0)2461-61 3787
email: j.wachtmeister(at)
home: IBG-1

David Wagner
Model-assisted assessment and reduction of selectivity constraints in the enzyme-catalysed synthesis of chiral hydroxy ketones from prochiral diketones
phone: +49 (0)241-80 28109
email: david.wagner(at)
home: AVT

Christoph Robert Müller
Chemo-enzymatic multi-step strategies in non-conventional media: From proof-ofconcept to process development
phone: +49 (0) 241 80 26461
email: Christoph.Mueller(at)
home: ITMC

Jing Zhao
Computational analysis of the influence of non-conventional media on the stability of biocatalysts
phone:+49 (0)241-80 23602
email: j.zhao(at)
home: BioTec

Aischarya Brahma
Characterization of the influences of non-conventional media on stability and activity of biocatalysts
phone: +49 (0)2461-61 3475
email: a.brahma(at)
home: IBG-1

Dr. Kerstin Würges
Selectivity control in biological systems by functional materials
phone: +49 (0) 241 80 23173
email: Kerstin.Wuerges(at)
home: AVT

Dr. rer nat Haifeng Liu
Directed evolution of laccase for depolymerization of lignocellulose in ionic liquid
phone: +49 (0)241-80 26628
email: h.liu at
home: BioTec

M.Sc. Lotte Wiermans
Enzyme mediated oxidative biomass processing
phone: +49 (0)241-80 25458
email: Wiermans at
home: ITMC

Dipl.-Ing. Jan-Hendrik Grosch
Automated high-throughput determination of intrinsic enzyme reaction kinetics for monophasic medium selection
phone: +49 (0)241-80 23566
email: janhendrik.grosch at
home: AVT

M.Sc. Simon Roth
Reaction engineering for laccase-catalysed lignin degradation
phone: +49 (0)241-80 98109
email: Simon.Roth at
home: AVT


Dr.rer.nat. Maria Perez Sanchez

Enzymatic Cascade Reactions
phone: +49 (0)241-80 26461
email: PerezSanchez at
home: ITMC

Dr.rer.nat. Marco Bocola

Molecular modeling of enzymes in non-conventional media and prediction of amino acid substitutions for activity improvement
phone: +49 (0)241-80 23604
email: m.bocola at
home: BioTec
M.Sc. Benita Kopka
Effects of non-conventional media on folding, stability and activity of enzymes in biphasic systems analyzed with fluorescende reporters

phone: +49 (0)2461-615797
home: IMET

M.Sc. Martin Diener
Biocatalyst stabilization by targeted oligomerization

phone: +49 (0)2461-612939
home: IMET

Dipl.-Ing. Bonhage, Benjamin
Measurement and Modelling of the Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Ionic Liquid Containing Systems

phone: +49-(0)241-8028111
email: benjamin.bonhage at
home: AVT

M.Sc. Rahmen, Natalie
Influence of recombinant enzyme on host cell metabolic activity and expression

phone: +49-(0)241-8023569
email: natalie.rahmen at
home: AVT

M.Sc. Maugeri, Zaira
DEnzyme-catalyzed biotransformations in deep-eutectic solvents

phone: +49-(0)241-802646
email: maugeri at
home: ITMC

Dipl.-Biol. Fulton, Alexander
Deciphering rationales behind the evolutionary stabilisation of an enzyme in non-conventional solvents

phone: +49-(0)2461-611478
email: a.fulton at
home: IMET

Dipl.-Chem. Wiese, Susanne
Switchable Microgels for Enzyme Catalysis in Emulsions

phone: +49-(0)241-8098624
email: wiese at
home: IPC

Dipl.-Ing. Frauenkron-Machedjou, Josiane
Deciphering rationales behind the evolutionary stabilisation of an enzyme in non-conventional solvents

phone: +49-(0)241-8027578
email: j.frauenkron-machedjou at
home: BioTec

M.Sc. Begemann, Jens
Process optimisation for oxidoreductions in organic solvents

phone: +49-(0)241-8028154
email: jens.begemann at
home: BioVT

Jens Begemann
Dipl.-Biotechnol. Westphal, Robert
Stereochemical promiscuity of thiamine enzymes

phone: +49-(0)2461-610
email: r.westphal at
home: IBG-1

M.Sc. Héctor González Milà
Influence of the enzyme preparation on thermodynamic and kinetic phenomena in gas/solid biocatalysis

phone: +49-(0)241-8027179
email:hector.gonzales-mila at
home: BioVT